A Rucksack of Reading: Why Reading is Cool (honest)

I wonder how much time we spend talking to children about WHY reading is a great thing to do?  In a world that is often filled with phonics, reading schemes and targets to meet, maybe the deeper purposes and reasons for reading don't become so obvious to children.


So I set about writing a list of positives about reading and then linked them to 'real' things to put in my 'Reading Rucksack'.


I also thought this might make a nice homework activity - children could find things to put in their own Reading Rucksack.  If you have any other suggestions for what might go into a Reading Rucksack let me know.



A rucksack?  Because reading is a life long journey; you will need a sturdy bag to carry all your provisions and collect all your 'souvenirs' along the way.




pound coin

The act of reading is FREE -  so you will have money left over if you spend more time reading.

(Just make sure you use your local library whenever possible and the books are free too)











A Compass - this symbolizes the fact that you can do an extraordinary amount of travelling when you read - without moving!

How cool is that?







A Packet of Seeds -  Reading will 'grow' your mind in all sorts of ways.











Reading shines a light on the world - into places you hadn't noticed before.  With your torch (and spare batteries) in your rucksack you will continue to learn about people, places and ideas that were 'in the dark' before you read about them.






In a similar way to the torch a slinky reminds you that your imagination will be stretched in all directions and in powerful ways you sometimes won't understand.







You can read Anytime and Anywhere -  I mean can you think of anywhere you can't read?







pair glasses


You will grow to look at the world in a variety of different ways - see places and situations through the eyes of other people - and not be blind to the life or plight of others.



pencil sharpener


Reading makes your mind sharp - who wants to be dull and boring?




foot print


Reading will leave a mark on you.  It will give new knowledge, skills you didn't have before and experiences you will never forget.




smarty pants

And of course you will become an ALL ROUND







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