All About Me – Ideas for thinking about the theme of identity.


Philosophical discussion about identity, the ‘What makes me, me?’ isn’t confined to a particular time in the year, but the start of the new term with a new class of children is perhaps an appropriate time to explore these fascinating philosophical themes.


Where / Who is the 'real me?


What's in a name?


What makes me special and unique?


These are just some of the starter questions that arise from this fascinating topic.


I've put together a few ideas using poems, drama techniques and a book as possible stimulii -  to lead children into deeper thinking as well as asking more questions - that you probably don't have the answer to - but that's the whole point of philosophy!


There are links to literacy objectives in these ideas -  but it is up to you whether you want the session(s) to lead to formal pieces of writing or not.


Not every thinking session should have a writing outcome though, or children will ‘switch off’  - which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.


You can decide how much or how deeply to go with your children; how appropriate the questions and activities - or whether to use the ideas over a series of sessions – encouraging children to think more deeply each time.


The important thing is to set aside some ‘quality thinking time’ – where children don’t feel rushed and can ‘meander’ around their ideas and thoughts.


Silence as well as structured discussion time creates an atmosphere that helps children to think more effectively.


Here is the pdf with all the ideas: All About Me


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