Attitudes to Writing: do you know what your children really think?


How often do you ask children what they think of their writing or, of themselves as individual writers?


Most teachers are now in the habit of setting targets for or with children; through day to day and more formal assessment procedures.

We share what the next steps should be to improve aspects of written work and children should, course, be part of that process too.


But I wonder how many of us ask children what they think of writing in the wider sense; how they perceive themselves as writers and their more general attitudes to writing?


For example:

How often do they write at home?

What kinds of writing do they like/dislike – or see the relevance of?

How might they prefer to plan for writing?

How difficult do they find the editing process?

What types of writing do they find the most challenging?


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The beginning of term provides a perfect time to ask children to reflect on what kind of writer they think they are – which bits they think they are good at and where they would like to improve.


So - I've designed some simple child questionnaires that I thought might be useful - they are only examples. You will no doubt want  to add or amend them for your own children.


But gathering this information now and then reviewing it throughout the year is really valuable and helps children to be more independent; to think more deeply about their own 'writership'


Just click on the link to download the WORD document which you can alter to suit your context.

Writer's Profile questionnaire



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