Free Ideas for Outdoor Maths: Maths trails for Key Stages 1 and 2

  We can all use more ideas for doing more outdoor learning.     So to help with that we’re giving away a whole section of our ‘Outdoor Numeracy Ideas’ Digital Book.       We’re giving away the section on Maths Trails – 21 pages of great ideas absolutely FREE.  Free Maths Trails pages from Thinking Child   […]

Free Literacy Warmup Ideas

Here are a few language/ literacy games; easily adapted to different year groups and most can be done over and over again before children get bored of them. They can be used at the start of a lesson, as a quick energiser / change of pace to regain children’s attention or become part of a […]

Giving Back Time: Over 800 Ideas wrapped up for Teaching Assistants

  I been doing a great deal of work with teaching assistants this year and I have to say it is always a pleasure.  Where ever I go they are enthusiastic and willing to go the extra mile for the children they work with.   One of the things that teaching assistants tell me they […]

The Power of Reading Aloud: A Secret Weapon for Creating Successful Readers

READING ALOUD is a powerful secret weapon – Do you have what it takes? Reading Aloud is not just a ‘nice’ thing to do, or something that you just ‘fit in’ when you can. This is a truly powerful strategy that needs regular deployment across our schools, on a daily basis.   I’m here to […]

Is it really possible to improve literacy and numeracy by going outside?

Recently the point was made that children learn twice as fast and cover four times as much ground when learning outside the classroom, compared to what they achieve inside. There are many educationalists who agree that learning outside the classroom can improve the retention of information that has been learned. But this raises an interesting […]

How will you score on our ‘Reading for Pleasure’ Quiz?

Just how much of a champion and supporter of reading are you?   Sure, you want your child(ren) to grow up with a love of reading and be successful learners at school and in life but how much effort do YOU put in to ensure that happens?   Life sometimes gets in the way and […]

What do you really think about Homework – What if?….

What if you could change the world Homework ?   Would you: A. Ban it altogether? B.  Make it so children only get homework after the age of 11? C.  Make them do MUCH more from the minute they arrive at school – especially the core subjects (how else are schools to reach their targets?) […]

A Rucksack of Reading: Why Reading is Cool (honest)

I wonder how much time we spend talking to children about WHY reading is a great thing to do?  In a world that is often filled with phonics, reading schemes and targets to meet, maybe the deeper purposes and reasons for reading don’t become so obvious to children.   So I set about writing a […]

Sentences – just how many different ways are there to teach them?

We often work with children who need to experience things in many different ways before they ‘get’ it.  Understanding what a sentence is – (what goes into them, how to write them etc). is one of those concepts that needs constant revisiting, in a variety of ways.   When children really understand the concept of […]

Responding to Reading: Fun activities to support reading skills.

I’m often asked for activities that help children respond to their reading – without it necessarily having to have a formal written outcome. Here are four simple yet effective ideas. They are designed to be adapted for different age groups and can be structured as an independent task or a planned guided session with an […]