Developing Good Learning Dispositions: Ways to help a child be a better learner


Psychologists tell us that forming new habits takes less time than we imagine. We just have to be consistent and keep doing the 'right things'.  Children, with our help, can adopt thinking and learning habits which will help them become more confident, independent and ultimately more successful.


Which of these do you think makes a good learner?


Having a high IQ?

Good genes?

Lots of homework?

Tests and more tests?


Actually - children become happy and successful learners by developing positive and effective Learning Dispositions.


These are the things that make us ready, willing and able to learn – to know how to learn in a range of ways and to have a sense of being in control of our own learning.


Children begin as naturally curious.  We just need to carry on nurturing this and support children to develop good learning habits.


These are some of the characteristics and habits I’m talking about.


Independence                                                      Self-motivation

Resilience                                 Concentration                                      Communication

Creativity                                                                            Optimism

Persistence                                         Risk Taking                                                   Self- Control

Co-operation/Collaboration                                                    Curiosity


Can these be taught?  Yes – but obviously not as a one-off lesson.

Children need time and patience and regular opportunities to practise these skills, which in turn, will help them to grow into confident and happy learners.

That means that we adults need to demonstrate positive learning dispositions too and think about what we say to children and the kind of learning experiences we set up  for them.


Remember - RELATIONSHIPS are the most important factor in children forming good and effective learning dispositions.


OH- and some creative resources that provide practical ways to nurture these learning habits.

The Thinking Child Network is full of digital resources designed to promote active ways to learn the basic core subjects in interesting ways


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