Do we all have a ‘Need to Belong’ – even to virtual communities?


Many psychologists say that our need to belong is what drives us to seek out stable and long lasting relationships with other people.  It is what motivates us to participate in social activities: clubs and sports teams, community and religious groups.

By belonging to a group, we feel as if we are part of something bigger than ourselves and we validate our beliefs and ideas.


In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs he describes something called ‘Belongingness’ as one of the major needs that motivates human behaviour.


The hierarchy is usually portrayed as a pyramid, with more basic needs at the base and more complex needs near the peak.

The need for belonging lies somewhere in the centre.





There are lots of benefits to being a member of a community; increasingly these are virtual communities like The Thinking Child Network which draws together people who share a view about how children learn best.




Thinking Child is founded on a belief that children need to develop a wide range of underlying thinking skills and learning dispositions; a holistic view of learning that involves parents & carers as well as schools and leads to children becoming secure, happy and independent learners.


The reason for starting The Thinking Child Network was to establish a community of liked-minded people who also share those views and care about the perpetuation of these principles for children – especially in the current political climate.


So if you too share these principles and want to nurture your ‘need to belong’ then this is a community you will very probably want to belong to.


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Psychologists have explored you don’t need too much ‘connection’ before you start to see some benefit.

That’s good news when we are all so busy.


That is certainly true of The Thinking Child network.

It only takes a moment to join this growing like-minded community.


Why not come and join us today?

Simply REGISTER on the website for Free and you can start to enjoy access to lots of free ideas.


I look forward to you joining this growing network of Thinking Child members.


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