Dysgrammatòppòbia or Athychiphobia: Which is the worst phobia your staff and pupils could have?


Or in plain English - is having a fear of getting your grammar wrong (dysgrammatòppòbia) more disabling than an entire fear of failure (athychiphobia)?


OK, these are extreme examples, but it is none the less true that many teachers (and therefore pupils) have doubts and worries about their own grammar, which in turn, affects the quality of reading and writing in schools. ‘Playing safe’ when it comes to writing will not improve the creativity, rigour or quality of it.


If this is wrapped up with an entire fear of failing when it comes to anything that has to be written down, then it is not surprising that progress might not be as it should.


Knowledge about all these different ‘bits’ of language, alongside the ability to put them together in the most appropriate way, is a key to improving writing.


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