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I've been chatting to a few teachers over the course of this term and have noticed that quite a lot of our 'chat' has been about GRAMMAR.

(Some say 'Grammar' as if it is a nasty disease there's no cure for)  I assure them there is.

It isn't painful and we have a FREE gift to help.


There are two issues that teachers keep telling me about:

Some are feeling a bit overwhelmed and under confident about their own subject knowledge - in light of the Appendices to the National Curriculum it isn't surprising.


All are looking for interesting, creative and active ways to teach grammar specific objectives.

IT'S A CASE OF GRAMMAR is available as an individual digital download product - providing over 100 ideas to do just that

Grammar Case





But what about the grammar confidence issue?


Well - we've also included a supplementary Teacher Guidance Booklet and glossary  in the pack so all staff in a purchasing school are able to brush up on the parts of grammar they feel a bit 'shaky' on.


title page for its a case of grammar (141x200)



The two are obviously linked: it makes sense that you will be able to teach grammar more creatively and confidently if you have a better grasp of the main principles.





We want to help as many teachers as possible to feel more confident.


So -  ALL of this guidance material is now available as a FREE pdf download when you join the Network as a FREE member TC Network page.

Here's the intro pages if you want a quick look: Section 1 sample

All you need to do is sign up to the TC Network - REGISTER here - it's Free to join.

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Not only can you gain access to this every useful and comprehensive guidance you will also find lots of other free stuff there as well before deciding whether to become a Full Member - for just £29.99


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