Thinking Child resources support schools to achieve the very the best possible outcomes for families and children.

What we produce is creative, practical, affordable – but most of all has an impact.


Working in partnership with parents
Under the management strand of the new Ofsted Framework schools need to demonstrate that they ‘engage parents in supporting pupils’ achievement…’ 


Our Literacy and Numeracy Boxes will help you in your drive to promote the confidence and engagement of parents - with our fun activity cards that will fit into the busy lives of any family.


They don’t place huge additional burdens on staff and are easily implemented.


They complement the literacy & numeracy curriculum content in early Key Stage 2 and are designed to promote active learning strategies and thinking skills in children.


If you decide to purchase Family Fun Packs in bulk for your parents to buy in school, then discounts are available on the Literacy and Numeracy Boxes.


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Thinking Skills
Our Starters for Thinking cards are a great way to get started with P4C in your classrooms or as a way of implementing some ‘Talk Homework’ – asking parents to share some deeper thinking with children.


More Thinking Homework ideas will be available soon.


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Narrowing the Gap
Are there children in your school you’d describe as ‘Can do but won’t do’? De-motivated and not performing to the best of their ability?


Since our launch we have started working with individual schools to produce case study evidence. E.g. Using the Literacy and Numeracy Boxes to work with a target group of underachieving year 3 pupils has demonstrated the way de-motivated pupils can be ‘switched back ‘on.


Read our case study about Joel


We are looking for more schools to do similar studies. Get in touch if you are interested in being one of our partner schools.


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