How difficult is it to quickly improve the quality of students’ writing?

Frequently, when teachers are asked what characteristics they look for in their students' writing, their answers include coherence, proper spelling, good grammar, nice ‘flow’, sequencing, organization and sense of voice.

What they are talking about essentially, is GRAMMAR.


Stop and think for a moment about what writing involves. Once purpose and audience is established, students need a working knowledge of how to construct:


Words into Phrases  -  Phrases into Clauses  -  Clauses into Sentences  -  Sentences into Texts.



And, of course, a range of punctuation conventions.





At the heart of students being able to improve is an understanding about how their grammar and punctuation affect the meaning and purpose of their piece of writing.


Knowledge about all these different ‘bits’ of language, alongside the ability to put them together in the most appropriate way, is the key to improving writing. And it can be achieved quite quickly with an active, investigative approach to the teaching and learning of grammar.


Our recent resource: IT’S A CASE OF GRAMMAR’ came about from the desire to equip teachers and children with interesting, bite-sized lessons that cover the key aspects of grammar for writing. It is packed with over 100 ideas and activities to help students explore grammar - with a relevance to ‘real’ writing.



word class wander




This one comes from a game called 'Word Class Wander' - a quick and active way to reinforce knowledge about word classes.










IT'S A CASE OF GRAMMAR was originally written with Key Stage 2 in mind, but SENCOs and other teachers in secondary settings have also quickly realised that this fills the gaps for many of their students, helps them understand more clearly how words, sentences and texts work and has a dramatic effect on the quality of their written work.


Grammar Case


To purchase ‘IT’S A CASE OF GRAMMAR’ go to the website.


To enquire about grammar training that can be delivered in your own school – email or phone for details:

Tel: 01604 491511







IN ADDITION - to support teachers who feel their own knowledge of grammar needs a bit of a ‘brush up’ there is also a Teacher Guidance Booklet included in the pack: a sort of mini – training booklet..

There are Free downloadable samples and the introductory pages to the pack, including those Teacher Notes on The Thinking Child Network -  Free to Register and there's lots of other useful stuff on there.TC Network Badge



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