How to help children & young people learn at home.


Children spend about 15 % of their waking time in school (if they go to school of course) - so the obvious question is:



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Learning doesn't stop when schools are closed of course  - but  many schools and parents do ask me about what can be done at home - to support what children do in schools.



Lots  is the short answer.




I've found that when parents understand a bit more about  how their children learn and the links between some of the wider influences and the impact on learning (diet/ sleep etc.)

-then the 'learning conversation' - between home, schools and children becomes a more meaningful one.


To that end I've made a FREE  Parent booklet available to any schools or parents who wish to have it.

It is deliberately in Word format so schools can change adapt and personalise it - or split it up and offer it as a series of flyers or part of their newsletter.


In addition there's a separate sheet which provides suggestions of things  to do at home. Mindmap of ideas at home


Again feel free to add some of your own.  If you have ideas you would like to share with others please get in touch:  and we'll put them on the TC Network.



These will also be placed on the FREE section of the Thinking Child Network (under Working with parents section) .


ITC Network Badget is free to register and there's loads more free stuff for you to browse and download.





Hope it proves useful



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