How will you score on our ‘Reading for Pleasure’ Quiz?

Just how much of a champion and supporter of reading are you?


Sure, you want your child(ren) to grow up with a love of reading and be successful learners at school and in life but how much effort do YOU put in to ensure that happens?


Life sometimes gets in the way and our actions don’t always live up to our aspirations but this is an opportunity to think what changes you might like to take to improve your 'score'.


This is a simple quiz with just a few of the key indicators that are known to be linked to positive outcomes for children as readers.


Be honest and see how you measure up at the moment (Click on the chart to enlarge it)


List of things that support reading and your child

So how did you do?


Mostly 1s – Brilliant! You obviously fully understand the link(s) between adults demonstrating an enthusiasm for books/reading and children growing up to love reading and being successful.  If you’re not already, you should think about becoming a ‘Reading Ambassador’ – keep up the good work and spread the word.


Mostly 2 and 3s – Could do a little better perhaps? Have a think which one on the list you could take into the 1 Category –  E.g. if you’re a parent - set aside some time on a convenient day and plan a trip to the library – then do it again and again and again. If you’re a teacher make sure there is time in the week to read aloud to your class. It only takes about three weeks to form a habit – so why not choose to form a good reading one?


Mostly 4s and 5s – You don’t need telling that this isn’t ideal do you? You wouldn’t hesitate to give children the vaccines and medicine they need to keep them healthy – well the ability to see reading as a pleasurable and important thing to do is known to be linked to children being successful – at school and in later life. Come on – start to ‘Infect’ your child(ren) with books and reading immediately – before it’s too late.


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