Ideas for warm up games and assessment activities.


Most people agree that the use of quick challenges  - that are game-like in nature  - definitely have a place in our teaching.


Well here are just a few reasons for using games and warm-ups:


  1. They are a great way to suss out a class you have just met.
  2. They are good for getting attention and quickly noticing those that are watching and engaging with you - and those that aren’t.
  3. At the start of a lesson they quickly establish a purpose for learning – rather than a ‘hotch potch’ of pupils who may or may not want to settle into learning.
  4. Warm ups give some pupils an increase in confidence and focus through the collective pattern of behaviour – i.e. ‘we are all doing this together and/or I might have a chance of my team winning’.
  5. Although there is often a competitive element with some games pupils, also quickly recognise when they aren’t getting it right and if set up well, with a positive atmosphere, games result in pupils teaching and correcting each other.
  6. Games can be used as a quick way to assess how the learning is going part way through a lesson without the need to talk one to one with every pupil.
  7. Games are more enjoyable and engaging – so long as you don’t overdo them. When the enjoyment and ‘A Ha’ factor is lost, move on to a new one.


I’ve put together a 10 page booklet with around 36 different ideas that can be used in many subjects and contexts.

Ideas for Games and Activities


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