Is it really possible to improve literacy and numeracy by going outside?

Recently the point was made that children learn twice as fast and cover four times as much ground when learning outside the classroom, compared to what they achieve inside.

There are many educationalists who agree that learning outside the classroom can improve the retention of information that has been learned.
But this raises an interesting question. Does this apply to everything – including literacy and numeracy skills?


Although statistical evidence is hard to come by, there does seem to be a strong feeling that learning outside the classroom can result in longer retention of what is being taught.
The reason is probably due to the fact that activities outside the classroom are by their very nature more varied and more unusual than lessons inside the classroom. Children who are motivated by creative and unusual ways to learn, along with the known benefits of fresh air, make for a powerful combination.


When children learn outside they are much more likely to retain the information they gain and develop an enthusiasm for their learning which can be applied across the curriculum.


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