Motivational Posters – conversational starters or just too cheesy?



I don't know how you feel about motivational posters - too 'American?' -  a bit cheesy?' or just the job for getting over a big message in just a few pithy words.


I think some are better than others and it depends where and how you use them  - but I do think they can be a good way to start a conversation about learning, expectations of achievement and how to motivate children to learn more effectively.
I've used them in Family / Parent learning sessions to spark a conversation about what a particular slogan means to different people (unpicking what's behind them as it were).
I've also left them in areas that are frequented by parents - changing them fairly regularly so they don't just become 'background noise'.

Anyway, here's a pdf  slogan posters   with twelve such posters for you to use if you want.  You'll also find them in the P4C /Thinking Section of the Free Area of TC Network 


They are all different - here's one of them:


Others include:  'Children need more presence than presents'  and ' The future is not a gift - it is an achievement.'



Numeracy Box









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I do hope your coming weeks are positive ones.
Warmest Regards
Sue Dixon

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