How can we maximise the benefits of Outdoor Learning and Literacy?

outdoor literacy pack

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The benefits of learning outdoors are well known. When children have opportunities for physical interaction and thinking creatively in a less structured environment it is known to have a positive impact on behaviour, concentration and learning outcomes.


There is now a way to maximise the benefits of outdoor learning with teaching literacy objectives right across Key Stages 1 & 2


Over 100 Ideas for Outdoor Literacy: Key Stages 1 & 2

  • Easily embedded into medium and short term planning cycles.
  • At a glance index – choose from over 100 outdoor activities that will motivate and engage children.
  • Covers the breadth of NC objectives from each Key Stage.
  • Based on games and a playful attitude to learning.
  • Opportunities for working in different ways; small groups, pairs, whole class - encourages independent thinking.
  • A quick way to adopt a whole school approach to the creative teaching of literacy outdoors


Outdoor Learning Pack


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outdoor literacy pack