OUTDOOR PHONICS – Over 25 Ideas for teaching phonics in active ways

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Phonics should always be part of a balanced teaching programme, which includes whole texts read aloud to children, word games, reading pictures, listening to rhymes and other games etc. - to support overall reading development - alongside phonic sessions.


This pack offers some active games and ideas for teaching phonics in ten to fifteen minutes sessions.



Whilst it is called ‘Outdoor Phonics’, the rationale is they are all active learning opportunities but they can also be adapted for inside spaces.

It is well known that learning outdoors in the fresh air is highly beneficial for children – so why not combine phonics teaching with the outdoors whenever you can?


The ideas are easily adapted for different age groups and phonic patterns. Most of them are designed to be used over and over - just changing the content or the format slightly.



For a FREE sample of one of the activities click here - Outdoor phonics sample javelins


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Outdoor Phonics - Over 25 Ideas for teaching phonics in active ways


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