Pick up a post it – ideas for learning with post it notes.

I don't know about you but I LOVE post its - all the different colours, shapes and sizes are intrinsically appealing to me. Many of the delegates on my training sessions love them too and I wondered how much use is made of them in the classroom, and in the home, as a way to organise and structure learning: If adults find them appealing then many children surely will too. Certainly the ones I've ever met like them.


Aside from the bright colours, they are very useful in a range of learning situations: the very fact they are not a permanent fixture and can be moved, edited, discussed and memorised etc. makes them a really  flexible resource.


So - here's my 5 starter ideas for using Post its.


If you have more suggestions for using them in the classroom or at home -  I'd love to hear from you - I'll compile them and share in a future blog.

Send them to me at sue@thinkingchild.org.uk 


Plan a Post it Story – plan each bit of a story on a post it note. Re-tell the story – changing the post it notes around until you’re happy with it. You can set a limit on the number of post its for some children.

post it 1

 Make a class birthday chart.  You can also follow up with maths/graphs and ‘wish lists’ of what class mates would like to have as a present. Use a catalogue e.g. (Argos) so children can choose an imaginary present and then work oiut a total cost for the class.

 Post it 2
























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 A weekly Homework grid. Send this as an idea to go home to help parents understand what the week’s commitments are and as a tool to negotiate with their child(ren) – how much TV vs Homework within the week.

Post it 3





















 A Ta Dah!  List

Whenever your children do something new or really tries hard - pop up a post it to celebrate.

Post it 4








Matching games. Have questions on one set of post it notes and the answers on another. Set a time limit for a small group of children to sort them. You can differentiate for different groups of children and they can go on to make sets of post its for each other.  A good independent task for guided time.

Post it 5


















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