Playing with Sentences: little and often will make the difference.


We know that giving children regular practice to construct sentences – of different patterns, lengths and to suit different text types will help them develop as confident and versatile writers.


Keeping it fun is obviously the best way – the ability to manipulate language has to be seen as an enjoyable challenge – but children need to understand that it doesn’t happen overnight.  It is the regular practice at playing with language that will make the difference over time.


Start orally – get children to also rehearse what they want to say by talking it through. Let them see that trying different things out – and not just going with their first idea- will improve their ideas and ultimately their longer pieces of writing.


Using activities like these as quick, fun warmups or starters will build up a repertoire of language possibilities.


Just do it and do it often – (there’s a joke there but I won’t …)


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Have Fun with Sentences!

Grammar Case

Grammar Case


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