Starters for Thinking – they can go further than you imagine.


Our original Starters for Thinking cards have been around a while now and are being used in a variety of ways by people across the country:


Starter for Thinking cards

Starters for Thinking Cards













Starters for Thinking Cards are used:

  • As quick thinking warmups.
  • In longer P4C/thinking sessions.
  • During after school philosophy clubs.
  • Talking /planning for writing
  • As thinking homework
  • In independent thinking time for pairs /groups of children


The fact they are so flexible is exactly what they were designed for.


You know, I caught sight of an Ofsted update the other day and extracted the section on Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural Awareness.


It was good to be reminded that regular use of Starters for Thinking questions make a really good contribution to a school’s overall practice, as they offer opportunities for children to talk about some of the ‘Big’ questions in life.


Just one Starter for Thinking card can have a bigger impact than you might first imagine!



A brand new pack of Starters for Thinking will be out soon – (in striking Pink)

They will be made available for just £4.99 in digital format.


Look out for the email / Facebook announcement in the next couple of weeks.


NOTE: If you have already upgraded your TC Network membership you will find them added to the Full Members’ area around the same time and be able to enjoy them at no additional cost.)


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