The Power of Reading Aloud: A Secret Weapon for Creating Successful Readers

READING ALOUD is a powerful secret weapon - Do you have what it takes?

Reading Aloud is not just a ‘nice’ thing to do, or something that you just 'fit in' when you can.
This is a truly powerful strategy that needs regular deployment across our schools, on a daily basis.


I’m here to offer you a mission; should you accept and use this amazing secret weapon you will unleash such power you will deliver:


  • increased levels of reading confidence in children
  • children who are inspired and enthused to read more independently.
  • a measureable difference in levels of vocabulary and reading competence.



So – Do you accept this stimulating challenge? Are you the headteacher / teacher/TA that likes to really make a difference?

If you’ve said ‘Yes’ then  here are the details of the mission - proven strategies to ensure you will successfully ‘hook’ children and make them start to see reading as an interesting thing to do : (there are no sports cars allocated in this mission unfortunately).



  • Read 5 times a day: Not as daunting as it first sounds. One of those 5 should be around 15 minutes whilst the others can be 3 minutes, dotted throughout the day.
  • Start the day with a quick reading aloud session,  when children have lined up for lunch, as they arrive back in the classroom after lunch and at the end of the day. Surprise them in between as well!!
  • Include poems, non-fiction, short stories, jokes, newspaper articles, magazines, online articles etc. as well as some stories that you use as ‘sequels’. Keep these stored where children can independently access them.
  • Keep this time as ‘pure’ reading aloud – don’t have children think it is going to lead to a writing task at the end.
  • As children become ‘hooked’ invite them to choose the reading material, saying why they would like to hear it read aloud, encourage them to bring reading material in to the class to be read and allocate some time for children to start reading to each other.




CLP Centre Spread (515x640)

Good Luck with your mission – you must remain enthusiastic as this is infectious and therefore a vital part of the mission


Keep in Touch when it is safe to do so.
Sue Dixon  (just call me 'M')







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