There’s something about Mary – and grammar

You might have noticed that Thinking Child has been shouting about a brand new grammar pack recently.

Grammar Case

Grammar Case




‘IT’S A CASE OF GRAMMAR’ has just been released and I’m sat here, on a hot and sunny day, reflecting on the creative, yet sometimes hectic process that goes in to producing a new teaching resource such as this. I’m concluding that who I choose as my co-author is definitely a crucial component.



I’m occasionally accused of being a bit of a ‘whacky’ thinker; I am apt to go off at tangents and make, what some people think, are strange connections. Deciding to write a grammar pack needed someone with me that had focus and a sharp eye for detail:  These are the ‘some things about Mary’: Mary Hopper, my co-author that is.


Love and obsession are two of the main themes in the film ‘There’s something about Mary’ and yes, you’ve guessed it, Mary Hopper has a love for all things grammar. I’m not speaking out of turn; she is a self-confessed grammar geek.


We both share a passion for ensuring that teachers are supported in creative and empowering ways to teacher grammar in their classrooms and, in turn, equipping children with a more confident command over language in their reading and writing.


So, not surprisingly, along with the hours we spent writing all the detailed ideas in the main body of the pack, we’ve also included a Teacher Support Booklet. Some teachers tell us that they are a bit uncertain of some grammar concepts and want to make sure that their terminology is secure.

title page for its a case of grammar (141x200)



We understand; we know that teaching becomes so much more interesting and engaging for children when you feel confident in what you are talking about.




First 3 pages from teacher notes are available here


The booklet is designed to take someone through the basics of grammar: word classes, phrases, clauses, sentences and punctuation, with examples and questions to consolidate learning. It can be done alone, dipped in to or done with a group of colleagues as a mini training session. There is also a handy, detailed glossary at the back.


But why not invite Mary to run a Grammar Training session for your school(s)?

You’ll then see why I’ve written this blog,be able to benefit from her grammar expertise and understand what I'm talking about: just what that ‘something’ is about Mary.


To purchase ‘IT’S A CASE OF GRAMMAR’ go to the website. There are downloadable samples and the introductory pages to the pack and the Teacher Notes.

To enquire about grammar training – email or phone for details:

Tel: 01604 491511


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