What do you really think about Homework – What if?….

What if you could change the world Homework ?


Would you:

A. Ban it altogether?

B.  Make it so children only get homework after the age of 11?

C.  Make them do MUCH more from the minute they arrive at school – especially the core subjects (how else are schools to reach their targets?)

D.  Make it non-compulsory – only give children homework if parents ask for it?

E.  Only allow it if it doesn’t involve a worksheet and helps children to think and talk about their learning?


I suspect many of you will choose A) - and with good reason; there is little evidence to show that homework contributes to raising standards and can lead to even bigger inequalities, because some children have parents who are able to help with learning at home and some who don’t.


Choosing E) is for me the next best option (in the absence of being able to change the world) and that’s why I’ve made sure the resources on the Thinking Child Network include flexible activities that can easily become homework if you want them to:


Starters for Thinking. There is so much value in terms of thinking, speaking and listening skills when a family has fun with questions like these:

  • If happiness was the main form of currency, what kind of work would make you rich?
  • Do we ever fully appreciate what we have?
  • What would you like to change in your world?

(All the Starters for Thinking ideas are available to Network Members.)


All the lesson ideas are available in digital format  : some can be purchased as individual downloads:like  Let’s Think Homework and IT’S A CASE OF GRAMMAR’   -

whilst many others are only available when you join The Thinking Child Network - for just £29.99 you can have access to over 800 creative and ideas.



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It's a Case of Grammar - How frequently do we mean









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