What’s the best way to maximise the impact of Teaching Assistants?


A TA who receives just one day of subject specific literacy training will have a greater impact on young people’s learning outcomes than one who has nothing. That might sound obvious but too many committed and inspirational people are employed as teaching assistants knowing they could be doing so much more.


With the demise of TDA funding it is now a mixed picture for Teaching Assistants, in terms of their access to initial and subject specific CPD.


Even schools who have always highly valued their TAs are not always providing the core training to support them to do their role effectively.  I’m  thinking about appropriate subject training (literacy, numeracy, behaviour management) that will have the greatest impact on young people’s achievements.


Of all the many training sessions I’ve delivered over the years I can honestly say I’ve always found TAs to be amongst the most amenable, adaptable and ‘learning hungry’ people. And I’ve witnessed the impact on children as a result of the investment in TA training.


The potential impact of a TA is far reaching – not only can they impact on literacy levels and attainment but are known to also influence behaviour, confidence and attendance.  It really is a case of a little training going a long way.


That’s why I've written a one day literacy training package for Teaching Assistants – able to be adapted for a primary or secondary school setting and packed with vital information that will start to make a difference to their work immediately.

This core day: Supporting Reading can be delivered in school with groups of TAs making it very cost effective.

The content can be 'flexed' and negotiated with each school - to give particular emphasis to an area of reading or to reflect the roles and responsibilities of the TAs.


Call for more information and a chat if you think I might be able to help 01604 491511



Email sue@thinkingchild.org.uk







I also recognise that some Teaching Assistants want to take responsibility for their own training and prefer the option of distance learning modules.

So the content from the course I’ve just described is also available through TA College – as an individual e-learning module.

Give them a call - they'll be happy to tell you more about how that can work for you or a TA you know.


Warmest Regards


Sue Dixon

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